Origami Madness!

This is an origami bouquet I made for my lovely friend Pia’s wedding last September. I was thrilled to be doing it, it took about a month to make and was well worth it! Might do some more!

I started by making a flower “family” (I needed about thirty flowers in total), little ones, bigs ones, double ones, single ones… As you can see, Pia’s wedding was in the blue and red tones, so I picked my paper accordingly..

Then I used metallic pins to make the stems and to be able to pierce the polystyrene with it later, and then secured them with beads and hot glue (bead were also a good way to decorate and vary colours as well as stopping the pins from sliding through the flowers 🙂 )

I bought a polystyrene shallow ball composed of two halves of which I used only one (i used to work in a chocolate shop and we used these to make chocolate bouquets, they’re great!), covered it in red silk paper, and “planted” the flowers the way I wanted (this took several tries) and then secured all the stems from underneath the ball so that they wouldn’t budge.


I then bought a plastic bouquet holder with mineral foam, gathered all the metallic stems and stuffed them all the way to the end of the plastic hole. I then wrapped the rest of the red silk paper around the holder and decorated it to finish the bouquet! Voilà


Voici un bouquet en origami que j’ai réalisé pour le marriage de mon amie Pia en Septembre dernier. C’était génial à faire, ça a pris un mois à peu près et ça valait vraiment le coup! J’en ferais bien d’autres tiens… (le reste de la traduction arrive bientôt!)


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