Hello there!


My name is Rebecca, I am based in Paris but am originally from a lovely town on the west coast of France called La Rochelle. I am french on my father’s side and english on my mother’s side.

I am studying to become a web developer and designer. I am passionate about photography, up until 2012, I was using almost exclusively analogue cameras, and have recently discovered the wonders of digital photography and am loving it. I am not a photographer but I would love to become one one day. For now I am experimenting because I got some positive remarks on the pictures I took, and have loved taking pictures since I was little. I think it is wonderful to be able to show another person the world through your own eyes, it’s like telepathy only physical and slightly more expensive (although I don’t really know how much is telepathy costs these days), I would have liked to do both but let’s be honest, telepathy is extremely time consuming.


I am in love with travels and nature, with cinema, music. I draw a little, paint a little, and I try to basically do whatever makes me happy for the time I have on Earth.


I hope you like my blog, writing is not exactly my forte, therefore you might not find a lot of written posts in there but I’m hoping to get a lot better at it soon.


Please feel free to comment on anything and make suggestions, I only want to get better and find it really constructive when I get feedback of any kind. If you wish to get even more information on anything at all regarding my blog or my pictures, you can send me an email at turnonthebulblights@gmail.com, I would be more than happy to oblige 🙂


Love and hurdy gurdy.


Ps : Feel free to stop by my other blog  https://rebeccavaughancosqueric.wordpress.com , it’s all about photos, no small talk, or big for that matter!






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